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Fanconi Hope Research Project Funding. Fanconi Hope provides supporting funding for UK-based research projects identified by the US-based Fanconi Anemia Research Fund’s (FARF) Scientific Advisory Board. Research management and review are also carried out by the Advisory Board. We donate our research funds direct to FARF who in turn disburse them, together with the balance of funding required, to the relevant research project leads concerned in the UK
2011 Fanconi Hope Part Funded Research.  Fanconi Hope is pleased to announce the award of a £20,000 research grant to Dr Ketan J Patel,  MD, PhD, from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge University towards his ongoing work on a research project entitled:  Reconstituting and Dissecting Monoubiquitination in the FA Tumor Suppressor Pathway.
Dr Patel, who is recognised as a world expert in molecular research related to Fanconi Anaemia, is being funded in this research programme by the US Fanconi Anaemia Research Fund (FARF). Fanconi Hope’s contribution to this funding represents a significant proportion of the total required over the next year and demonstrates our commitment to support key FA researchers in the UK.
2010 Fanconi Hope Part Funded Research. In collaboration with the US Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Fanconi Hope provided a grant of over £42,000 towards a UK research programme relating to the use of stem cell technology in conjunction with gene therapy to cure Fanconi Anaemia; ‘Using iPSC technology to understand early haematopoietic development in Fanconi Anaemia patients’.
 More details of these research projects can be found in the Clinicians Research Section of this website

The UK & Ireland Fanconi Anaemia Research Network

We have identified a list of UK Researchers who have produced research relevant or relating to Fanconi Anaemia and invited them to become part of the UK & Ireland Fanconi Anaemia Research Network. Abstracts (or summaries) of papers that they have published in the medical literature can be found by going to and performing an author search.

Gene Therapy Research

Fanconi Hope strongly supports gene therapy research since this appears to provide the best hope for a step-change improvement in treatment for patients. We take an active role in British Society for Gene Therapy (BSGT) Conferences and have set up, in conjunction with the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, an International FA Gene Therapy Working Group which meets on an annual basis. more

Further research information can be found in the Clinicians section of our website.

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