Remember a Loved One


Would you like to remember a loved one with a free online tribute page?

Fanconi Hope has partnered with Much Loved – a charity working to help bereaved people – to enable you to create a sensitive, personalised and lasting online memorial to your loved one.

The easy-to-use website allows you and your friends and relatives to post memories, pictures and videos of your loved ones. It is a unique and respectful way of keeping their memory alive.

About Much Loved:

• It is a registered charity

• It is free

• It is simple to set up and manage

• You control who has access to your page

• An online community allows you to share your thoughts with others who are experiencing similar loss

Once you have created a webpage that honours the memory of your loved one you can also, if you wish to, choose to support Fanconi Hope, raising money to help people affected by Fanconi Anaemia and to find a cure – a wonderful way to remember that special person. The website gives people the opportunity to add donations.

‘In memoriam’ gifts are a positive and valuable way of remembering someone who was close to you. These gifts will celebrate their life whilst at the same time helping create a better future for those who need our help now.

To create an online memorial page, visit

If you wish your page to be open to everyone please let us know and we can add a link from this page.

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