Gene Testing

Genetic analysis in FA in general involves first determining which one of thirteen genes described to date is affected (‘complementation group analysis’) and then going on to identify the specific mistake in each of the two copies of the affected gene (by gene sequencing/mutation analysis).

It is recommended that complementation group analysis is performed in the first instance prior to mutation analysis as this facilitates subsequent mutation analysis, including reducing result turnaround time and cost.

The details of complementation group analysis and mutation analysis are described in the relevant medical literature with specific approach varying between laboratories.

Complementation Group Analysis

There is currently no UK provider of complementation group analysis.

Testing of some UK patients is undertaken by Prof Detlev Schindler in Wuerzburg, Germany:

Gene Sequencing/Mutation Analysis.

Mutation analysis is now available in the UK at the Sheffield Diagnostic Genetics Service at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  A referral information sheet and a ‘service letter’ for clinicians further detailing the FA gene testing service provided by the Sheffield Diagnostic Genetics Service are given below:

Other providers of FA gene testing outside the UK

 UK Genetic Testing Network

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